Realise Your Potential

In a safe and nurturing setting...

Sanctum offers our clients an intimate, caring service to explore your hidden depths. We use carefully selected and cultivated plant teachers and create beautiful spaces to work with you to overcome limiting beliefs, expand your psyche and explore deep seated memories. We work with you at every stage – from initial application, to the session itself, to the after-session integration. This is our passion. We come from the experience of personally using these incredible compounds to heal ourselves.  Welcome.

What will I experience?

Unlock your true potential

  • Connecting deeply with yourself
  • Profound states of love and bliss
  • Challenge old belief structures and destructive thought patterns
  • Find new perspectives on old traumatic memories
  • Experience profound states of connection with people and nature

You're in Safe Hands!

Put your trust in our guides

  • Covid-19 Secure
  • Hugely experienced guides
  • Healthy Boundaries observed at all times
  • Safety – all applicants are screened
  • Red Cross First Aid Certified
  • We follow a strict Code of Ethics

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