Expand Your Mind

With our guided plant teacher sessions


For thousands of years, psilocybin mushrooms have been used by indigenous people on almost every continent around the world.

Recent and ongoing clinical studies completely confirm what our predecessors already knew about these incredible organisms.

At Sanctum, we are very experienced at hosting intimate one on one sessions – perfect as an introduction to this world and we also hold sacred group ceremonies in some of the most beautiful parts of Portugal and beyond.

We draw upon the wisdom of the ancients whilst always being aware of the latest research findings.
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Being safely held in a sacred container is vital for an experience such as this.

We have hundreds of guided one on one sessions under our belts and we treat each and every one of them with the care and attention that they require for a deeply transformative journey.

The mindset (set) and setting is paramount for a successful outcome. Our team of psychologists and breathwork coaches will prepare you in the best way possible and on the day of the session we spend the first 90 minutes relaxing both body and mind to really allow you to let go.


We see people from all over the world, from all walks of life and ethnicities and the reasons why they come to us are just as diverse.

We cannot claim that this a cure-all solution but the transformations we have seen have been remarkable.

About one third of the people who come to see us, however, are simply looking for a new direction or an exploration of uncharted territories of the mind. Psychedelics are incredible at uncovering your true desires and directions.
"It has been more powerful than
10000 hours of therapy"



The period before and after a session is also extremely important for the success of the journey. Ericeria is a beautiful fishing town which has become a mecca for nature lovers and surfers.

There are many beaches and walks around the dramatic coastline to allow you to really process the experience. We can give advice on this closer to the time and also recommend local places to stay. We don’t currently provide accommodation but this allows you to choose one that suits your taste and budget.



We work with a very experienced UK-based psychologist who is available to work with you before and after a session. Clients find that this really helps to embed the insights they encounter on the journey.

Once you decide that this is right for you and we do a quick medical screening check, we will send you her details to work directly.

We also support you with integration exercises via email once you leave us.