Code of Ethics

Both the participant and guides take on special responsibilities as they cultivate a unique relationship. As psychedelic experiences can be very powerful, they can be transformative, but also there can be risks. To manage these risks, we abide by the following Code of Ethics first introduced by MAPS.


Our guides are aware of how their own belief systems, values, needs and limitations affect their work and seek counsel from other guides, or a supervisor when experiencing conflict regarding these aspects of their identity.


Our guides participate in psychedelic journeys only when they are qualified to do so through personal experience, training and education. This includes a thorough knowledge of the set and setting, a deep understanding of the effects of the psychedelic compounds we use. They will also demonstrate skillfulness in the non-directive therapeutic approach and other principles of psychedelic guidance, whilst maintaining vigilant awareness of the participant’s needs.

Health and Safety

Our guides make reasonable preparations to protect and promote the health and safety of each participant, whilst maintaining their own health and safety as well.

Healthy Boundaries

Both participants and guides shall establish and honour honest communication, trust, rapport, and confidentiality. A discussion about healthy boundaries should also be a part of the initial process. Any limits on the behaviours of participants and guides are to be made clear and agreed upon before any session. Our guides will be aware of any possible transference, countertransferance, projection, power differential, and other aspects related to participant-guide relationships. They will also take responsibility for maintaining professional ethical boundaries at all times.