Join our Transformative Retreat in Sintra

July 13 - July 14, 2024

Sintra, nestled in the hills of Portugal, is a charming town renowned for its majestic palaces such as the Moorish Castle and the enchanting Pena Palace. Beyond its historical landmarks, Sintra boasts serene gardens and tranquil courtyards, offering moments of quiet reflection, perfect setup for the journey ahead. 

As dusk falls, Sintra takes on a mystical allure, its ancient stones seemingly illuminated by the fading light.

A magical place for a
transformative experience

A transformative group retreat is an incredibly profound experience.

Being part of a ceremonial circle with other participants allows you to feel the strength as a collective. Not only will you experience bonding between each other but you will also be able to share your experience within a safe container. 

As part of the application process, we require all participants to book a Discovery Call with us using the link below

Created by Pelin Kahramanfrom the Noun Project

Retreat price is 399€*

Preparation and Integration guidance included

Optional support Psychedelic Therapy specialised Psychologist

Supplementary 1:1 coaching sessions available.

*accommodation NOT included in the package


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