How we work

Operating from our base in Ericeira, approximately 40 minutes from Lisbon, we are able to run one session per day, 3 times per week. This is usually on a Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. After you apply, we will liase with you to arrange the perfect day for you to come. Accommodation is not provided on site but there are many excellent options in Ericeira to suit most budgets. See here for options for Ericeira

Once you have applied we will also have a 30 minute Discovery call via video to get to know each other and to discuss your intentions for the session. There is the option of working more deeply with our psychologist Emily to really get the most out of the experience. See more information on that here.


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Our guides are not psychologists or therapists in the traditional sense of the words but we have hundreds of guided journeys under our belt. The beauty of these compounds used in a correct manner is that YOU unlock your own potential. The compound accesses parts of your psyche which may have laid dormant for many years (or even a lifetime) and the process of ‘decomposition of emotional repression’ can begin.

We always start with an introduction talk about the process and how the substance works on multiple levels within the mind. After we answer any questions or anxieties you may have we then undertake our relaxation protocol to soothe any physical manifestations of anxiety. We will also disengage your Default Mode Network through the use of powerful breathwork.

Once you have ingested – in a pleasant tea – we will sit with you and meditate on the intention you specify, as well as helping you through any periods of resistance that may arise.


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As the subconcious is brought to the fore, you will have a wonderful opportunity to see problems and past experiences from a totally different perspective. Your normal mode of operation – your Default Mode Network to give it its correct name – is temporarily disabled and you will have a chance to see what is behind this automatic mental security system.

When the guards to your everyday mental chatter stand down and parts of your mind are accessed for the first time in a very long time, you may experience periods of complete joy and bliss as well as more challenging moments as you begin to make sense of the complex matrix that resides in all of us.

A guide will be there at all times to make sure you are safe, comfortable and supported. If you need to talk, we are there. If you feel the need to be emotional, we are there. If you need to laugh, we will laugh with you. It is a wonderful journey and you will be supported throughout.

Our carefully selected music will assist you in moving through different phases of your journey. Eyeshades are recommended (and supplied) to fully emerse yourself in the experience.

Once the experience begins to lift, we will bring you back to the present with care and attention. There is no strict start and end time to a session. This is your time.

A few days after the session, we will send you a personal after-care email with a summary of the day and suggestions based on our experience to take forward in your life journey. Make a positive change in your life and apply for an experience now.