Work with our Psychologist

Emily is Sanctum’s ‘resident’ psychologist. She is highly experienced in general adult mental health both in the British NHS and also for the last 7 years in private practice. She is available for more in-depth work both before and after a session with us.


“My key motivation has always been to encourage clients to view their distress and struggles as opportunities for growth and a more meaningful engagement with life.

My calling to psychedelic work came through my own personal experiences with plant medicine.  Transformations from such journeys can be deep and powerful when a framework and inner resources are cultivated to enable meaningful integration.  I am passionate about supporting people in potentially one of the most impactful experiences of their lives.

If you would like to ‘meet’ for a free 10 minute discovery call, please contact me at to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

During the initial call, I will describe ways we can work together in more depth to both prepare for and integrate the experience afterwards. This is all done via video call  (I am based in the UK). It is an additional service at the discounted rate of 70 euros per hour only for Sanctum clients.

This kind of healing modality can be much more rapid than traditional ‘talk therapy’ and one session with me before the experience and one after really puts you on the right footing to make incredible progress in your own personal life journey.

Integration can take many forms and the sessions we can have together will be tailored to your particular needs and aspirations. Some of the themes we can explore together include:

  • Creating a daily integration practice
  • Instigating Changes in relationships
  • Discovering new life-goals
  • Decoding bodily sensations
  • Clearing emotions from the past
  • Implementing new habits & behaviours

I look forward to connecting with you to help you navigate this journey of self discovery.”