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Valerie, France

“I accompanied my sister for her first journey, and for that I wanted to find a place where she could feel completely safe and supported. Sanctum was a perfect place for that, Graham and Maria are grounded, reassuring and generous. When my sister did not manage to breakthrough in her journey, they did not hesitate to give her an additional dose (after 2h into the trip), even though this would significantly lengthen the duration of her experience.
I work in the psychedelic field and I can say that Sanctum exceeded my expectations. I recommend this place for people who want a safe initiation to psychedelics, and also for experienced users who want to journey in great conditions.”


Nafisa, Uk

“I’m so happy and grateful that I got to visit Sanctum. Booking the retreat was straightforward and Graham was very kind and patient, even allowing me to reschedule my booking at the last minute. He was even nicer in person and was the best trip sitter. Maria was just as lovely and gave me the best head/neck massage just before I took the medicine. I was so nervous on the day but I think the warm energy of the villa and Graham’s presence helped me calm down and really surrender to the journey. I felt so looked after at sanctum. It’s been a few weeks and I still struggle to put my experience with the medicine into words but it was honestly life changing. I healed a lot of my pain/depression and had many realisations. Everyone has noticed a positive change in me and although my life is still the same, everything feels easier to deal with and I just generally feel more positive and peaceful. The journey really elevated my consciousness and opened my eyes to the beauty of this life. There’s so much more I could say but I’d recommend anyone who’s thinking of booking to go ahead and do it! You won’t regret it.”


Magnus, Sweden

“I just would like to inform you that I feel so much better. I started working full time, I’ve lost 12 kg. I have quit all my medicine except the blood pressure lowering but I have too low blood pressure now! so I will stop with that medicine as well. I could keep on going telling you about all the improvements. I just wanted you to know and I want to say thank you so much for the days at the retreat. And also thanks to Maria and everyone else. I have taken 2 trips at home.. It had also helped me a lot. Makes my body and mind tranquilo.”


Jona, Uk

“The experience with Graham and Maria was amazing – i cannot recommend them enough . As I had never tried psilocybin before I was slightly nervous a few days before arriving at Sanctum. Graham gave me a call beforehand, explained everything in detail and eased all my worries. Once there, both Graham and Maria were extremely comforting, committed to making me feel at ease before, throughout and after the trip. The room felt safe and warm and very positive and Graham was a comforting presence throughout the experience. The insights i gained into my anxiety, although difficult at times, were transformative. Graham was supportive and compassionate, listened throughout and offered guidance when i needed to talk about them. I haven’t had any panic attacks since, and my outlook has radically changed, feeling a lot calmer and peaceful. I am very thankful to both Graham and Maria for assisting me in this journey. They’re lovely and the care with which they organise the whole experience really makes a difference.”


Bernard, Spain

I have suffered from recurrent severe clinical depression and anxiety my entire life.i have had decades on antidepressant medication and have tried various alternative therapies including CBT,rTMS and many others.
I learnt about Psilocybin therapy from the BBC documentary which outlined the research carried out at Imperial College Hospital in London
I then made contact with Graham at the Sanctum. I have now had two sessions with Graham a few weeks apart. To say that this therapy has changed my life is NO understatement.When I arrived I was extremely anxious but both Graham and Maria were professional and extremely empathetic and guided me through a psychedelic experience which opened up deep seated and extremely painful memories allowing me for the first time to deal with them and begin to move on with my life.Graham is an incredible inspiration to anyone suffering as I was and has (without exaggeration) saved my life.For anyone in a similar situation I would say go and try this amazing experience.
Thank you Graham for everything you have done for me and many others.”


Greg, Scotland

“First, I must say how much of a wonderful and insightful experience I gained with Sanctum. I came to this retreat with some trepidation, having never experienced a psilocybin retreat, never mind one I had only read about online!! My worries were soon dispelled as soon as I met Graham, a kind and gentle man, who is ever the professional. Both Graham and María set the scene perfectly, and are very attentive to your experience. I was able to dive into the experience and gain some wonderful insights, and I just hope this review can nudge anyone who wants to try this, though is nervous, as I am so glad I was able to go past my initial nerves, to experience what was a truly beautiful experience. I will definitely return and cannot wait to go back to a place that feels like going “home”.”


Bilal, Uk

“I would without any hesitation recommend Sanctum to anyone who is curious about psychedelics and their therapeutic benefits. Although I have no underlying mental health condition I was intrigued by what insights I could gain through psilocybin. I commend Graham for creating the perfect environment which immediately puts you at ease. I also highly recommend utilising a trained therapist such as their integration specialist who was fantastic in preparing me for my session. I thank Graham for this wonderful experience and meticulous preparation by fully taking into account ‘set and setting’”

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